3 Palms Petting Zoo
3 Palms Petting Zoo
3 Palms Zoo & Education Center
3 Palms Zoo &Education Center

3 Palms Zoo & Education Center

3 Palms is Delaware's only Rescue Zoo & Education Center! We are not a typical commercialized Zoo. We are a non-profit rescue & education center. During your visit guests embark on an educational exposure to exotic, wild, domestic, and agricultural animals in a natural woodland surrounding. Chickens and Geese freely roam the grounds giving you an experience like no other. We offer hand feeding and petting of domestic animals such as; Llamas, Alpaca, Goats, Ducks, Sheep, Donkey, Pigs & Mini Pigs, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Tortoises, and an Emu.  
3 Palms also houses non-releasable wild animals for educational purposes such as: a Raccoon, Opossums, Groundhog, Skunks, Turtles, Screech Owls, Silver & Red Foxes, Turkey Vultures, Common Raven, Fish & American Crows, Snow & Canada Geese, Wild Turkeys. Each of these species resides in his or her own habitat designed for their own special needs.
We also exhibit many exotic birds for viewing. Our two Asia & South Pacific Aviaries are home to: Red Jungle Fowl, Peacocks, Exotic Pheasants, Black Sumatras, Mandarin Ducks, and Indian Rock Pigeons.  Migratory Waterfowl (including Wood Ducks, Pintails, & Shovelers), Pheasants, Cackling Geese, and Laughing Gulls call the Coastal North America Habitat home. In the Rainforest Habitat listen for the White Faced Whistling Tree Ducks, and keep your eyes peeled for: Turtles & Tortoises, Polly the Military Macaw, and 3 species of Tree Frogs. 
Our grand attraction is Tick-Tock, Delaware's only Alligator!  
We are anything but a typical "zoo" experience!
*Reptile Shows every Saturday through October at noon*

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3 Palms Zoo
924 Blackbird Forest Rd
Clayton, DE  19938

United States
(302) 715-1326


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What's New!

  • Leroy the Goose
  • Stanley the Skunk

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  • Updated Perimeter Fencing

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  • Goose Pond
  • Updated Turkey Enclosure
  • Reptile House